E/I/SD/U/Z Slew Rings

  1. General Details


    External gear slew rings are widely used on many applications, industrial, man lift, cranes, robots, welding positioners and many other applications that required a rotation movement with external gear drive.



    Internal gear slew rings are a perfect solution for applications that do not allow external teeth and require outer surface to be protected for safety and contamination reasons.



    Without gears slew rings are a perfect solution for hand rotated pallets like in packaging industry or in simple movements that require carrying heavy loads and do not need to be motorized. Hose reel applications, positioners follower support for large welding structures and many other applications.


    U series slew rings are lightweight and light duty slew rings. It is a very economical solution for lightweight and low service factor. They offer a very economical solution for such applications. Also, common on farm trailers as a steering ring.



    Z series slew rings are a Z shaped design similar to the U design, but it offers reversed flanges to allow for ease of installation.


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